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 Becket, Hazel (done)

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Hazel Becket

Hazel Becket

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PostSubject: Becket, Hazel (done)   Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:40 am

Name: Hazel Becket

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Birthplace: Ecruteak City, Jhoto

Rank: Trainer (New)


Height: 5'7"

Wight: 130

Battle Style: Hazel is a very straight forward battler. She'll use status moves to try and gain the advantage, but she usually relies on the strength and damage attacks of her team. She wil not give in until the dust has cleared and she cannot battle anymore.

Personality: Hazel has been described by many as a very enthusiastic and out going young woman. Some have even called her a bit crazy, but she doesn't pay attention to it. After all, we're all a little crazy deep down right? She's bubbly and makes happiness like the flu, very contagious. She's very easy going outside of battle, and loves to play with her pokemon as much as she can.
To her pokemon she is not their master, but their friend and their ally. She doesn't want to feel like they are commited to her by force, but by their own actions. She has a deep love of pokemon, and one day dreams of being able to see the different species all around the world. It's a big dream she knows, but she shoots for the moon and lands on every star she can.

History: Born and raised in the Jhoto region, Hazel dreamed of becoming a trainer just like her mother was. But when she was ten, her dream could not be realized. Doctors had diagnosed her with a very rare desease, and they strongly suggested against her to start her journey now. If she got too far from a city with a doctor in it, and she had a spasm, she would be in serious danger. So, they had to postpone her journey, for many years. She passed her thriteenth birthday, then her fifteenthand sixteenth. Each year, she wished that she could start her journey. It was the one thing that she wished for more then anything else in the entire world, more then a rare pokemon or any championship title.
At long last the cloud lifted, and on her seveteenth birthday doctor finally gave her the clear to begin her journey. She has almost completely recovered, but tries not to get too excited just to be safe. Now she dreams of reaching the top, at long last being able to begin her journey.

Pokemon History: Caine was born and raised in the pokemon lab, but he has spent many years there. he is smaller then most Squirtle, and so he was never picked amoung the other Squirtles. He dreamed of being out in the world, being able to see things he'd never seen before. He dreamed of the ocean, where countless water pokemon dwelled. Now that he has finally been picked by a loving trainer, his dreams are coming into the light, and he wait in anticipation for the day he can finally see the ocean.

Items: 5 Pokeballs

Badges: 0

Ribbons: 0

Money: 15,000$


Name: Squirtle
Nickname: Caine
Level: 7
Gender: Male
Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Bubble
Ability: Torrent: Ups water type moves in a pinch
Exp.: 0
Personality: Caine is a hasty natured Squirtle, which means he's always on the go. He's very loyal and loving toward Hazel, and often worries that she pushes herself too far. But he can relax when he feels like it, and loves to just spend time with his trainer and firends. Being a water pokemon, he naturally loves the water, and hopes to one day see the ocean as he's spent his whole life in the pokemon lab, and has never seen it. But he has heard stories about it, and Hazel often reads books to him about the sea.
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Head Administrator and Founder
Head Administrator and Founder

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PostSubject: Re: Becket, Hazel (done)   Mon Jan 30, 2012 3:30 am

Approved! ^_^
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Becket, Hazel (done)
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