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 Justice Tate

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PostSubject: Justice Tate   Wed Dec 28, 2011 2:05 am

Name: Justice Tate
Nickname: The Wielder Of Time
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Rank: Experienced Trainer, Aura Trainer
Birthplace: Celestic Town, Sinnoh
Battle Style:
Tries his best all the time and works at one with his Dialga so he can wield time and travels in aid of those in need. Justice and Dialga work as team and try to make sure no harm comes to those who are pure of heart and innocent of any crimes.


Strong sense of justice and enjoys travelling and aiding anyone who he see's as kind and pure of heart as the Celestic Town Elder would teach that just because you have great power doesn't mean you should use it in-vain as the scales would come back and reverse the tables of time and release Dialga from a power hungry trainer and it's shackles however Justice has learnt to be a kind and pure hearted partner to Dialga as they work as one in their mission to stop evil from attacking the innocent.

Used to assist anyone in need of help from the early age of 6 and knew right from wrong however he was assisting one particular man an explorers sort in search of the legends of Sinnoh space-time and was willing to do anything to get them and Justice sensed it and attempted to flaw his plans when he went with this man known only as Trey Sorius to a forest known for these deity's and Dialga crossed his path however Justice tried to hide it but could your really hide something that size so, Justice (aged: 13 at this point) instead charged at Trey and tried to prevent him from catching him and knocked Trey's pokeball's over the edge of a cliff and Trey lost it grabbing Justice by the collar and attempted to drop him over the edge but lucky for Justice Dialga saw him and saved him from his almost sure fate and Justice has assisted Dialga since catching Dialga and allowing Dialga to help only as and when he feels like it so they've been friends and partners since.

When Justice returned his parents were surprised to see how bedraggled he was and helped teach him things no normal boy would learn like how to stop the destruction of countless towns and cities and only the Village elder knows he has Dialga at his side. Justice grew up watching heroes like Officer Jenny's and Nurse Joy's feeling strong urges to also help and wanted to prevent bad things from happening to cause the injuries of the innocent pokemon nearby and has been searching for Celebi since as the second Time Guardian travelling everywhere knowing he will find him eventually and will be able to work with the time guardians to save time from destruction. (Justice at that point was aged 16)

Items: 5 Poke Balls
Money: $15,000


Pokémon: Dialga
Nickname: None
Gender: -
Level: 100
Roar Of Time
Draco Meteor
Flash Cannon
Aura Sphere
Ability: Pressure and - Telepathy (a hidden ability but used to communicate with Justice)
Personality: Justified and Distant
Exp: 0
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Head Administrator and Founder

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PostSubject: Re: Justice Tate   Wed Dec 28, 2011 3:02 am

Approved! ^_^

(And to anyone wondering why he was allowed Dialga, he won it in the Christmas Numbers competition)
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Justice Tate
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