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 Jade Gentum(breeder)

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PostSubject: Jade Gentum(breeder)   Fri Dec 16, 2011 8:28 am

Name: Jade Gentum

Age: 16

Gender: female

Birthplace: Saffron City, Kanto

Rank: Intermediate Breeder


Battle Style:
Jade doesn't battle very often, and she's not very good at it when she does. When catching a new pokemon she tries to use attacks that won't hurt the pokemon, simply tire it out. She carries berries and other items that would help heal a pokemon in need.

Jade is a person of nature, she loves being outdoors with pokemon and other creatures. She's a vegetarian, as are the pokemon she owns. Jade tries very hard not to judge other's, even if they do not believe the same as hers, although she gets very angry at people who abuse or mistreat their pokemon.

Jade was born in a city full of pokemon trainers, and from a young age she was always worried about their health. A lot of people thought she would grow up to work in a pokecenter, but instead she found her calling in breeding and raising healthy pokemon for good trainers and owners.

When she was 13 she took a few classes in pokemon health and care so that she could give her pokemon her own healthcare, and could help any pokemon she found on the road who needed it. She is not against going to a pokecenter though, she has traveled through Kanto before and almost all the pokecenter's know her well enough that they don't question when she comes in to help.

She volunteers a lot.

Pokemon History:
Chancey: Jade obtained Chancey through one of the many pokecenter's that she visits so often. When Lucky found out about Jade's mission, she felt the good in her heart and asked if she could come with her and do good to other pokemon. With the pokecenter's consent Jade was honored to have such a wonderful pokemon by her side.

Items: 5 Pokeballs

Badges: 0

Ribbons: 0

Money: 15,000$


Name: Chancey
Nickname: Lucky
Level: 12
Defense Curl
Tail Whip
Exp.: 0
Personality: Sweet, happy, and helpful

Name: Horsee
Nickname: Snip
Level: 6
Smoke Screen
Swift Swim
Exp.: 0/5
Personality: Untrusting to anyone but Jade

Name: Name: Venonat
Nickname: Lenny
Gender: Male
Level: 15
Morning Sun
Personality: Shy yet playful to Jade
Exp: 0

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Quiz Master

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PostSubject: Re: Jade Gentum(breeder)   Sat Dec 17, 2011 1:34 am

Approved ^_^ lol!
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Jade Gentum(breeder)
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