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 Melody Summers

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PostSubject: Melody Summers   Wed Dec 14, 2011 4:13 am

Name: Melody Summers

Gender: Female

Birthplace: Cerulean City, Kanto

Rank: Experienced Trainer, experienced coordinator





Top right and bottom left is formal, the other two are casual:


Battle Style:
Melody trains her Pokemon to use her opponent's moves against them, even in contests. She likes to use tactics and strategies to defeat opponents, and tries her hardest not to be predictable. She also plans her moves and predicts the opponent's moves, as well as thinking her own moves through in her head to see how it would go.

Melody is fun loving, and is quite kind. Put she is impatient, and is sometimes hard to entertain. She rarely gets angry, unless it is something bad and serious. She is also funny, loyal, and quite witty and smart. But she can change her whole personality when something goes wrong, and can become very serious.

Melody grew up in Cerulean City, and loved water types. She even helped Misty with the gym, and they became good friends. Her sister Violet had black hair which covered her left eye. She loved ghost Pokemon, even though she only had one, but she loved it very much: Mismagius. Melody loved playing with it and Violet was glad Mismagius and Melody were friends.

Melody was always intrigued by Pokemon, hence she worked at the gym. She would tell Misty about things every day, and they bacame best friends eventually. One day, Melody was telling Misty about how she wanted to take the ship to Canalave City in Sinnoh and start her Pokemon journey. Then she gave Melody an egg, and told her that she should have it, as it would hatch into a fire Pokemon, and Misty would have trouble taking care of it in a water Pokemon gym. Melody one day had to take it to Pokemon Center as it was ready to hatch, and it Hatched into a Vulpix. Melody knew that Vulpix and she would become great friends.

Melody then caught more Pokemon, and began training them for contests and battles with Misty.

Pokemon History:

Vulpix was obtained when Misty gave Melody an egg. Melody cared for the egg very much. Soon it hatched into a Vulpix.

Swablu was found when Melody was wandering the streets. She spotted an abusive trainer, attempting to make his Swablu faint by sending out his Onix and using Stone Edge, as Swablu was too tired to carry him anywhere. Melody instantly told Vix to use Iron Tail and it 1-hit-KOd Onix. The trainer left Onix to suffer as a punishment for losing, and smashed Onix and Swablu's Pokeballs. Melody took them to the pokemon Center, and caught Swablu, while the Onix was put up for adoption.

Pichu was found wandering alone, looking lost in the streets. Melody saw the way people were ignoring it and felt sorry for it. She pushed a Pokeball gently on it's head and caught it.

Items: 5 Pokeballs, Beta Medal

Badges: 0

Ribbons: 0

Money: 15,000$


Name: Vulpix
Nickname: Vix
Gender: Female
Level: 28
Iron Tail
Flare Blitz
Ability: Flash Fire
Personality: Sees Melody as a role-model, and has the same personality as Melody raised her from an egg.
Exp.: 0

Name: Swablu
Nickname: Blue
Gender: Female
Level: 26
Dragon Rush
Ice Beam
Ability: Natural Cure
Personality: Brave and Adventurous
Exp.: 0

Name: Pichu
Nickname: Sparky
Gender: Male
Level: 25
Volt Tackle
Ability: Static
Personality: Playful to Melody and friends, but is very shy to strangers

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PostSubject: Re: Melody Summers   Wed Dec 14, 2011 4:31 am

Approved ^_^
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Melody Summers
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